Tree Connection and Weil Farms, located in Dundee Oregon, offers free, first-rate customer service and advice on all fruit tree and rootstock questions that a grower may have. Dave Weil, owner of Tree Connection and Weil Farms, take a "keep it simple" approach. However, with Dave and his peers' combined experience of over 75 years serving more than 30 nurseries in the United States and Europe, you'll certainly find the answers, and product, to meet your needs.

Over years of experience, Dave noticed that rootstock development in all areas of fruit orchards was lagging behind its European contemporaries. Dave seized the opportunity to fill this gap in the market and began importing, testing, and commercializing new rootstocks with the help of Todd Erickson (Meadow Lake Nursery).

Weil Farms introduced a totally new apple rootstock, Supporter®4, which is replacing the now fading M26. Supporter®4 increases plant vigor, resists collar rot, produces larger and higher quality fruit, and creates productive, uniform orchards.

Their apple rootstock program, offers B118, an excellent replacement for seedling rootstock. B118 offers advantages such as excellent bud stands, no root suckering, resistance to cold and wet soil conditions, compact trees, and precocious flowering compared with current seedling rootstock.

For dwarfing crabapples and fruit trees we recommend B9 rootstock. This rootstock makes a very small tree 10-12 feet tall, it induces flowering up to two years earlier, has excellent cold tolerance, is resistant to wet soils, and grows a dense, heavy flowered tree.

Weil Farms has also done work with promising Prunus rootstocks like Krymsk®1, which dwarfs peach, apricot, and plum trees by as much as 50 percent. They are combining it with flowering plum trees to offer a more compact tree for the landscape.

Cherry production has also been subject to this new technology with the introduction of Krymsk®5,6, and 7, a precocious rootstock that offers significant advantages over mazzard rootstock for flowering cherries, and fruiting cherries.

Scientific trials and further testing is underway for other new rootstocks; Weil Farms feels "it is important to keep open to changing rootstocks and always look for the best possible new technology to stay profitable in the orchard business." Tree Connection and Weil Farms is committed to helping its customers enjoy the fruits of their labor. Contact Tree Connection at 800-421-4001 for more information, or if you are interested in being a part of upcoming rootstock and variety trials.