Varieties International LLC, was founded in 1998, and has been wholly owned by Mary and Dave Weil since 2007. Varieties International strives to bring new varieties of ornamentals, fruit trees, rootstock, and many types of plant material to the worldwide growing market. By making specific selections, negotiating patent rights, and closely supporting the program through to commercialization, Varieties International has opened the world's breeding programs to growers, allowing them to access elite plant material.

Growers are now a key partner in bringing new varieties into the market place ~ let Varieties International be your partner for future growth...

Purpose of Varieties International, LLC:

  • To identify potentially commercial varieties of ornamental plants, rootstock, and fruit trees throughout the world.
  • To negotiate with plant breeders to obtain plant distribution licenses.
  • To bring plant material through quarantine process of USDA quarantine system.
  • To bring plant material into testing groups of nurseries, growers, and experimental stations.
  • To assess the marketability of the material.
  • To file plant patents and trademarks.
  • To issue sublicenses to develop the market.
  • To report to Inventors and Assignees on the project's progress and the annual sales; Provide accounting and management supervision, and to issue royalty payments in accordance with license agreements.
  • To maintain communication with international markets, growers, nurseries, and breeders to assess the successfulness of each project

Our assets:

  • Over 35 years of horticultural expertise
  • Long-term relationships with breeders provides access to elite plant material and plant breeding programs worldwide
  • Extensive global marketing contacts
  • Excellent relationships with key organizations and individuals